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Is Pro-Say right for you?

Do you feel lost or stuck in your current legal case?  Do you just need a little direction and push forward to get your case off the ground?  Are you concerned about your budget?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, Pro-Say might be the solution for you. 

At Pro-Say our focus is on breaking down our clients needs and only helping them with the particular work they need done at that particular time they need it.  While we are not the only attorneys offering similar services, this type of service is exactly what we focus on - not something we offer as a consolation for when we find out you can't afford our large upfront retainer.  And since we have so much experience taking on cases a la carte, we are much more efficient and effective than your standard attorney doing unbundled work.    

Pro-Say was formed to give Utahns additional options for legal representation.  Options focused on helping people help themselves and that allows individuals to maintain their budget without sacrificing success in their legal case.  Our clients are honest hard-working people who recognize the importance of legal success for themselves and their family and just want what is fair.  No matter what stage your case is at, it's not too late to contact Pro-Say to see how we can help.

It is important to recognize that the content and video on this site DO NOT substitute for the advise or representation of a competent attorney.  While you can learn a great deal about how the laws are written from this website and other resources, only an experienced attorney can advise you on how to apply those laws to your own specific set of circumstances.  However, with that said, if you are in a position where you don't have the luxury of having an experienced attorney to shoulder the entire burden of your case, Pro-Say might be perfect for you.

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