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Consumer / Debt Collection Law

Have you been served with a Summons and Complaint for Debt Collection?  Or are you dealing with judgments and repossession?

Perhaps you are being harassed by debt collectors and don't know your rights?  This can be a very frightening situation when you are not sure of where to turn or to what you are entitled.


Unfortunately, many debt collectors engage in unlawful activity to get money. Others file faulty court actions with full knowledge that most defendants won't know the difference and will therefore lose their case.  At Pro-Say, we are always honest about a client's likelihood of a successful outcome. If the law is not on your side, it is best to know it sooner rather than later to avoid costly court and attorneys fees, as well as growing interest fees on the debt. 


Call us today so we can help you find the best path forward and potentially save you thousands.

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