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Pro-Say's Mission

Pro-Say was formed for the purpose of making high quality legal services accessible to everyone. 

Before starting Pro-Say, we worked for years in the non-profit sector providing legal aid to people in poverty.  While this was fulfilling work, we often had to turn down good people with good cases simply because they worked a few too many hours to take care of their family.  These were individuals living paycheck to paycheck and barely able to make ends meet.  They knew they needed an attorney to help, but obtaining that in the open market meant having to choose on whether to skip a rent / mortgage payment or putting down a huge retainer.  The way we saw it, if you were poor you got a free attorney and if you were


were wealthy you could easily afford an attorney, but if you were in the working middle class… you had to get a second job if you really needed to pay for good legal representation.

We hated that dynamic, so that led us to start thinking about ways we could help larger amounts of people, while still being able to make a living wage.  After all, wanting to help people and provide usefulness to society is why we went to law school in the first place. While practicing in the non-profit sector, we noticed quite a few inefficiencies in the legal system and in how people are typically represented.  We came to the conclusion that attorneys are far too often doing work that the clients could be doing themselves (or in a few circumstances, doing work that really didn’t need to be done).  Now that’s fine when the client is making more money per hour in their job than what they are paying their attorney, but for the rest of the world, that’s not good. 

At one point, a solution finally hit us.  What if we put together a firm that only did the work that people desperately needed – and only billed for that particular job at the time they needed it done?  What if we made a point to educate people on the legal procedures in their own cases so that they could figure out what they needed help with and what they didn’t BEFORE the deadlines passed?  What if we provided people with a place to go if they just needed help on one or two issues but could figure out the rest on their own?  Finally, what if we utilized common technology to make those services available across the entire state of Utah?

And that’s why we formed Pro-Say…

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