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If you have purchased a custody or divorce packet on a silver plan, please click the relevant link and fill out the relevant form.  Please fill out the forms as complete as possible as you will have a limited amount of time during the live interview process to answer these questions from scratch.  It is expected that you WILL have some questions even after making a good faith effort to fill out the questionnaire, so please have your questions prepared before beginning the interview.

If you have purchased a gold or platinum plan, you may fill out the form if you like, but it is certainly not required.  Filling out the form will likely give you have more time to ask questions and speak about your case during your live interview though.

*** ALL CLIENTS:  Please have your driver's license and social security number for yourself and your children available during the live interview.  This information is required to initial a custody / divorce action, however we do not like to ask for that information online.

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