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Obtain a custody or parent time order

  • Do you have a child but were not married at the time of his/her birth?  If so and if you have not yet filed a Custody or Paternity action, you likely have no orders establishing custody or parent time.  This means that despite one parent having cared for the child more than the other, there is no order or presumption of custody.  As a result, if a dispute occurs over who keeps the child, the police will be able to do nothing to assist. 

  • Or, perhaps you have not been the primary caretaker for your child and yet you have been denied access to the child, though no order restricts your time.  An Order of Custody or Paternity can establish your rights as a parent even if you do not seek full custody of your child. 

  • Perhaps you and the other parent of your child get along well, but need an order to outline financial obligations and responsibilities or just in the event that they dynamics of the relationships change. Don't leave it to chance and leave your family unprotected. Give us a call today!

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