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Pricing for our Services

If you have spoken to an attorney before, you have probably been told that it’s hard to predict your legal costs because it’s hard to predict how your case will go.  It’s a true statement.  However, at Pro-Say we quote and charge flat fees on most services up front to make sure you know what you are jumping into before you take the plunge.


We also know that not everyone has the same budget – and because we care about providing access to justice (this is a major reason Pro-Say exists), we provide an income based sliding scale fee discount.  Bottom line, if you don’t make a lot, we make our services easier to afford.

Custom Pricing Plans

In addition to our sliding scale fee discount, we also offer different pricing packages for our divorce and custody initial document services.  We know that many people are busy and stressed enough as it already is.  Thus, we offer packages to give you additional attention if you need it.

* If the only issue in the divorce is dissolution of marriage, our flat fee is $499 before the sliding scale fee discount.

** Additional consultations are limited to 30 minutes per consult and must be used within 180 days after our initial meeting.

Other Family Law Services

(Pricing is Before Sliding Scale Income Discount)

As you may have noticed from reading through our website, we provide many more services than the initial divorce and custody packets in our family law cases.  However, many of those additional services require highly differing degrees of time and effort, so we cannot create standardized pricing for them all.  Thus, if you see a service you are interested in, but don’t see a price, please contact us to get a quote.  Additionally, if you do not see a service listed that you need, feel free to contact us to see if we can assist you regardless.

Other Legal Services

(Pricing is Before Sliding Scale Income Discount)


*Listed price quotes may change at any time without notice.

Flat and Transparent Fees

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