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Expungement Law

Do you have a criminal history you would like to expunge? 


Expunging a criminal record allows you to legally answer that the incident never occured and seals the incident in government records.  But, this process is not easy. 

First, submission of an application to the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) is required for a fee of $65.


If you are eligible for expungement, BCI will issue a "Certificate of Eligibility" you will need to file with an Expungement Petition in court.  But the BCI application process alone typically takes over 6 months.  

Utah expungement law is complicated so it can be difficult for most people to determine if he/she is eligible under the law. Sometimes even really old and/or minor offenses may not be eligible.  But often steps can be taken to ensure eligibility before a BCI application is submitted.  Don't wait 6 months to find out you are not eligible yet could have been had appropriate steps been taken. 

Many people also often make the mistake of thinking once they have the "Certificate of Eligibility" that the case has been expunged. Unfortunately, this is not true.  The expungement is not final until a court order has been signed and served upon all related agencies. If you have your Certificates of Eligibility, time is of the essence because they do expire. Call us so we can help you meet your deadlines to advance your case.  

At Pro-Say, we have practiced expungement law for years so can typically assess eligibility quickly to give you the answers you need. If you are not eligible, we can advise you on what options you can take to clear your record for a fresh start.  We can honestly advise you on your options, draft your documents, or represent you in court.


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